Facilitators and Barriers to Implementing Community Guide Recommendations for Increasing Physical Activity to New Mexico’s Rural Communities – A Summit of VIVA Connects Communities

Public health practitioners and partners are working to increase physical activity in rural communities throughout New Mexico. The VIVA Connects project brings these partners together toward creating a statewide network of community coalitions that use strategies from The Guide to Community Preventive Services. These strategies are based on extensive research. Unfortunately, most of this research is conducted in large cities or high-amenity rural areas that are not reflective of most New Mexico communities. Practitioners must adapt this evidence by building on the strengths and assets of the places in which they work. This leads to new discoveries, challenges, and successes.

This summit brings together communities from around the state that are part of the VIVA Connects network. Each of these communities has unique strengths to build on and barriers to overcome. Participants will talk about the methods they have used and the lessons they have learned that may be applicable to other rural communities in New Mexico. Community members will discuss their efforts to increase physical activity in New Mexico’s rural communities using evidence from the Guide to Community Preventive Services. Participants will talk about facilitators, barriers, and lessons learned from translating research to on-the-ground change, while making connections with colleagues and resources.

We hope that you’ll be able to join this informative session. If you have ideas of specific things you’d like to learn, please let us know so that we can take your needs into account as we plan the agenda.